General Douglas MacArthur, after he was fired by President Harry S. Truman in 1951, for insubordination to the commander-in-chief, said: “Old soldiers never die, they fade away”. This is a truism; an aphorism that is most famously remembered and quoted today in enlightened and civilized climes.
But in Africa (Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe; Youweri Museveni of Uganda), and most notably in Nigeria (Olusegun Obasanjo; Muhammadu Buhari, both erstwhile military rulers), old soldiers never die, quite alright, they simply shed off and discard their military paraphernalia and insignia and return unfettered to wreak havoc on their people with reckless abandon.
Under Olusegun Obasanjo as a civilian president, the corruption that runs amok today in Nigeria became institutionalized. Now, Mister, or should I say, Mallam, or Alhaji Muhammadu Buhari, for the umpteenth time is spoiling, sparring, and squaring up to return to power. It is crystal clear to see that there are no tributaries that he has sand-bagged and lined-up to bring back to Rome. Obviously, the Retired General’s “presidential aspiration” is nothing short a bold-faced scheme to ensconce himself yet again in the position to continue from where he had left off, the perpetuation of the callous and mindless rape, pillage, and brigandage of the depletable oil resources revenue of that moribund elephant called Nigeria.

2015: Contact Office Opened For Buhari’s Presidential Bid
Former Head of State, retired General Muhammadu Buhari and his loyalists seemed set to kick-start the campaign for his presidential aspiration on the platform of All Progressives Congress (APC), with the opening of a contact office in Abuja.
The office, a rented apartment located at No. 34 Lobito Crescent, off Adetokunbo Ademola Way in Wuse II, was opened without fanfare a few weeks ago.
THISDAY gathered that Buhari was persuaded to also hire a residential accommodation in an undisclosed area in Asokoro so that he could have more time to stay and interact with political stakeholders in Abuja.
One of his associates who spoke to THISDAY yesterday said the former Head of State was being pressured to declare his bid early enough before the congress that will produce delegates at the Presidential convention scheduled for later this year.
Buhari does not reside in Abuja as he often shuttles between his base in Kaduna and Abuja to attend political meetings, a situation his political associates viewed as not being convenient and healthy under the circumstance.
“Buhari is going to run and there is no doubt about it. We, his supporters will insist that he runs even if he saying otherwise. Majority of the party supporters believe that he is the right person to run for the presidency if APC is desirous of changing the administration in Aso Rock,” said the source.
On the plan to launch the presidential bid, the source said before the bomb incident, Buhari had concluded plans to formally declare his interest after Ramadan festivities. He said the former Head of State also planned to relocate to Abuja so that he can properly coordinate his campaign strategy.
Speaking on the recent bomb attack on Buhari, the party chieftain said the party was aware of the competing interests, especially those currently in government who may not be disposed to having the former Head State run for presidency in 2015.
He said the party was not suspecting that any internal rivalry may be responsible for the attack but that it feels worried that the bomb blast came a few days after Buhari took a swipe at the Federal Government over Boko Haram.
“They all related to it. But first of all we are interested in his safety. No, everybody in the party looks forward to him as one person who is capable of lifting the opposition party to victory in the 2015 presidential election and as such they are all happy and will give him support to make it happen.Although there may beneficiaries if he is out of the way, but I do not think anybody will expect to win an election if Buhari had died. His exit will create serious crisis for the choice of candidacy for the party. People with the profile of a person like Buhari are very few in the country”.