The northerners are “born to rule”, to exploit, and to ruin Nigeria. They will never be satisfied short of unfettered domination; uninterrupted regnum; and the complete ruination of Nigeria.

President Jonathan is not responsible for “the decaying infrastructure in the North; the millions of young uneducated, unskilled, and unemployed citizens” of the North. These purportedly northern ailments did not infest the North over night; nor did they just spring up in the five short years President Jonathan has been in power.

In the 54 years of its independence, Nigeria, in the main, has been controlled, dominated, and ruled (for ill or for bad) by northerners: Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, Yakubu Gowon, Murtala Mohammed, Shehu Shagari, Muhammedu Buhari, Ibrahim Babangida, Sani Abacha, Abdul Salam Abubakar, Umaru Yar’Adua. What did these northern rulers of Nigeria do for the North? Or for that matter, what did they accomplish for Nigeria, other than the rape and pillage of the resources in the South to enrich themselves.

President Jonathan is not to blame for the fact that “the North is experiencing its greatest weakness as a result of an insurgency and the decay of its economy”. Insurgency! Could it not be speculated that the northern elements are the ones fomenting and orchestrating “the killings in the North-East”, in order to destabilize the Jonathan Administration since it “took power from the North”? Could it not be surmised that the erstwhile northern overlords and rulers of Nigeria allowed “the decay of its economy” when they ravenously and rapaciously allocated to themselves 83% of oil blocks in the South; by the same token, and with reckless abandonment and malignant neglect, precipitated the “decay” and demise of the economic mainstay of the North, viz: cattle rearing, groundnuts, beanie seeds, bauxite, tin, zinc, silver,  gold, etc. – to name but a few of the myriads of primary, agricultural, and mining products that the North was once renowned the world over?

Ever since the aberration of British amalgamation, Nigeria has existed solely to appease the North. If we were to learn anything from history, it is that appeasement is fastidious and insatiable because, amo habendi habendo cresit (the love of having grows by having).

After reading the report from the “Conference of Leaders and Elders of Northern Nigeria”, I could not help but ask rhetorically: What does the North want? What came to mind was an Igbo saying by my uncle: “the child that is destined to die demands of his mother to fashion a bow for him out of a mortar piston”. Patch it as you may; paper over the fault lines as you wish; Nigeria was never a nation; it is not a nation; and it will never be a nation. There is no need prolonging the agony. Nigeria must be allowed to disintegrate into its component parts; and perhaps, come together in a confederation of the willing. No permanent good has ever been an outcome of force.

On one point though, I am concordant with the conclusion reached by the “Conference of Leaders and Elders of Northern Nigeria”: that the National Conference will be an exercise in futility, and destined to fail along with the nine others before it. My conclusion however, is not drawn from the perspective of their flawed logic, but is rather based on the fact that the real problem with Nigeria has been declared “a no-go area”.

Nevertheless, my commentary in no way holds briefs for Mr. Goodluck Jonathan in his inept, clueless, and rudderless leadership; nor does it condone the flagrant and blatant brigandage that he still lets run amok with reckless abandon; but to hold that feckless sycophant and buffoon, masquerading as the president of Nigeria, responsible for what has ailed the North since colonial times, is to hold the chicken going to roost responsible for nightfall.

Dr. Chukwuemeka Chukwuma-Eze Obiajunwa


National Conference: Jonathan has hidden agenda — Northern Elders

By News Express on 11/03/2014

Northern elders yesterday said President Goodluck Jonathan is convening the National Conference with hidden motives, among them to whip up sectional sentiments, divert attention and blackmail the North.

The leaders held a meeting in Kano yesterday, to chart a course for the region at the National Conference which is scheduled for inauguration Monday.

Those who spoke at the gathering accused Jonathan of harbouring an anti-North secret agenda for organising the conference.

In a keynote address, former Federal permanent secretary Dr. Hakeem Baba-Ahmed said the National Conference has been “deliberately designed to cause havoc to northern unity and deepen its problems.”

“This will make it easier for President Jonathan to exploit the fallout for his re-election campaigns,” he added.

Baba-Ahmed called for an outright boycott, or, in the alternative, northerners should withdraw participation whenever the conference begins to take an anti-North dimension.

“This conference will not find answers to the decaying infrastructure in the North, or solutions to the millions of young uneducated, unskilled and unemployment citizens, or solutions to the dangerous trend which sheds so much northern blood every time elections come. The North will participate at this conference at best at a spectator or at worst a helpless victim of a conspiracy to exploit its weakness,” he said.

“[Therefore] every northerner who walks out robs the conference of more of the very little credibility it has. The more of you (delegates) that walk out, the less likely it will be that they will claim that they held a national conference,” he added.

Baba-Ahmed said the president is convening the National Conference in a context in which the North is experiencing its greatest weakness as a result of an insurgency and the decay of its economy.

He noted that the list of delegates for the conference has been deliberately skewed against northern interests by setting the North against the South, all calculated to favour Jonathan.

Also speaking, Professor Awwalu Yadudu of the Bayero University Kano described the conference as a futile exercise that may not produce any substantial results different from those of past conferences.

“The outcome of this conference will be similar to Obasanjo’s even though his own was not as skewed as the one to be witnessed. And it will be convened using the same templates but only that Obasanjo was smarter,” he said.

Yadudu said this conference risks the same fate as Obasanjo’s, and advocated for a sovereign national conference that would be able to address all the issues in the country, including its indivisibility.

In his submission, spokesman for the Northern Elders Forum, Professor Ango Abdullahi, alleged that President Jonathan wants to use the National Conference to blackmail the North.

“The conference is targeted at two or three areas. One, it is being organised to blackmail the North because it is going to be an instrument of political blackmail. The short term reward of it is 2105,” he said, adding:

“It will also be used to create a climate of division by bringing about issues that tend to divide us in the country and the North in particular. The crisis on ground should not have started if politics is not involved.

“The aim is to portray the North as anti-South, anti-Christianity and anti-President Jonathan who took power from the North. If we go there fine, but to me it is a waste of time.”

But politician Buba Galadima warned against boycotting the conference, saying this could deny northerners the opportunity to discuss their problems and press their demands.

He said northerners should be wary of discussing the composition of delegates selected for the conference and concentrate on issues that would improve the welfare of the region.

“So we have to articulate our own agenda because for us our numbers are our assets since we can use them to determine the country’s president. We must advocate for one man one vote as well as demand for action on the killings in the North-East, the answers on the offshore oil which constitutes 70 percent of Nigeria’s oil resources as well as the federal character,” he said.

Barrister Solomon Dalung of the University of Jos, for his part, suggested that President Jonathan should step aside before the commencement of the National Conference or suspend it until his tenure ends in May 2015.

“We have organised nine conferences in the country before and this is the 10th. We agree that the conference is necessary but the President should sacrifice the remaining days in his tenure so that we can organise a sovereign national conference,” he said.

“If the president cannot sacrifice the remaining days of his administration, he should then suspend till after May 29th, 2015 so that we can organise SNC where we can discuss all our grey areas. Religion is manipulated to sustain corruption in the polity. If the fowl is the Chief Judge, the cockroach cannot get justice,” Dalung added.

The Kano meeting, which was tagged “Conference of Leaders and Elders of Northern Nigeria,” drew participants from across the region and from various associations.

•(Adapted from a Daily Trust report. Photo, also courtesy Daily Trust, shows (left to right): Retired Air Vice Marshall Mukhtar Muhammad (Wazirin Dutse), Alhaji Yusuf Maitama Sule (Dan Masanin Kano), Mr Paul Onongo, Mrs Paulin Tallen and former Borno Governor Mohammed Goni at the conference of leaders and elders of Northern Nigeria in Kano yesterday.)

Source News Express

Posted 11/03/2014 07:38:54 AM