It is unconscionable, hypocritical, self-serving, and bold-faced shamelessness of the ex-president to assert that President Jonathan is destroying Nigeria when he is following in the footsteps of myriads successions of his predecessors. The only thing different is that Mr. Goodluck Jonathan is of the Ijaw extraction of the so-called South-South region of Nigeria. And the corrupt and oligarchic power brokers cannot stand it that the true son of the land replete with the wealth of Nigeria finally wields power in Nigeria.

If “Nigeria is bleeding”, perhaps it is too late to stop “the hemorrhage”, because the bleeding has gone on for too long: ever since the British handed the reigns of power over to the Hausa / Fulani oligarchy in 1960.

It’s not that I am enamored of the rudderless trajectory Nigeria is on, or has been led by its leaders; nor by any means do I condone the corruption, peculation, fraud, embezzlement, the fleecing of the people, and sheer naked banditry in high places that is the order of the day in Nigeria. Nevertheless, I am sure that most Nigerians will agree that the bandit-in-chief is Mr. Olusegun Obasanjo. Under his stewardship saw the unprecedented whole scale and summary sell off of Nigeria’s assets and parastatals: not to the highest bidders, but to family members, friends, and cronies. By the same token, how can this man accuse Mr. Jonathan of “pursuing selfish personal and political interests? Perhaps, he takes Nigerians for amnesiac fawning fools.

So much has been made in the Nigerian press and media about the “promise” Mr. Jonathan may or may not have made about “seek(ing) a second term” in 2015. A lot of people, albeit, of the northern elements extraction have even threatened fire and brimstone over Nigeria; the disintegration of that artificial contraption called Nigeria, should GEJ contest the presidential election in 2015. By gully, is this not much ado about nothing?

If Nigeria were a true democracy where  the people could have their say, it would not be the prerogative of anyone to tell GEJ not to stand for a 2nd term; after all it is his democratic right as a Nigerian under a duly constituted constitution, no matter how flawed. But democracy in Nigeria is a sham, and its constitution is a fake. By the way, did Mr. Obasanjo not attempt to thwart the constitution to go for a 3rd term, but for the fact that the Congress of Nigeria stood him down, thank God?

Once upon a time in the United States, a certain Mr. Garry Hart, embroiled in sex scandal while running for the Presidency was impressed upon to stand down. He did not budge, but rather said: “Let the people decide”. And of course, the people did decide. And he lost.

For goodness sake, made democracy workable in Nigeria! Forge and constitute Political Parties with Ideologies and Platforms! Leave Mr. Goodluck Jonathan alone to run on his records. And let the people of Nigeria render their verdict on his stewardship. Former Presidents of America, Jimmy Carter, and George HW Bush were all one term presidents. They did run for second terms, and lost.

Of all his ineptitudes in governance, I would not drape GEJ in the garb of “polarizing the country along regional and religious lines”. That is the stock-in-trade of others; and Nigerians know who they are, and where they are from. There is a saying that you give a dog a bad name to hang it. Some time ago in the United States, Mrs. Hilary Rodham Clinton was dubbed “a polarizing figure” by the Conservatives, and then pronounced “unelectable” by her Democratic Party. What happened? She got elected a Senator from the Great State of New York to the Senate of the United States.


Obasanjo’s letter to Jonathan accusing him of destroying Nigeri

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READ Obasanjo’ s letter to Jonathan accusing him of destroying
Nigeria<http://elombah. com/index. php/special- reports/19487- read-obasanjo- s-letter- to-jonathan- accusing- him-of-destroyin g-nigeria>
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Read here the full text of the 18-page letter written by former President
Olusegun Obasanjo who has accused President Goodluck Jonathan of ineptitude
and of taking actions calculated at destroying the country. In the letter
to President Jonathan, obtained by Premium Times, Obasanjo said, �igeria
is bleeding and the hemorrhage must be stopped.�br>
Read more…<http://elombah. com/index. php/special- reports/19487- read-obasanjo- s-letter- to-jonathan- accusing- him-of-destroyin g-nigeria>

http://elombah. com/index. php/special- reports/19487- read-obasanjo- s-letter- to-jonathan- accusing- him-of-destroyin g-nigeria