Mr. High Commissioner Designate:

Suffice it to say that “the taste of the pudding is in the eating”. I am nonetheless heartened that “under” your “watch”, “a Fortress Mission” will be a thing of the past.

In my 37 years of sojourn in Canada, I have seen many Missions come and go. Invariably, my personal experience has been one of frustration with Missions nonchalant and unresponsive to the needs of Nigerians; Missions that hitherto have been impervious to acculturation, but have been bent on the old “Dominant Nigerian Narrative”. I am earnestly looking forward to the “paradigm shift in favour of a New Dominant Nigerian Narrative that” here-to-with you have promised.

Canada is a very vast country with the second largest land mass in the world after Russia. The East is very far removed from the West by a distance in excess of four thousand kilometers. With the perennial and perpetual economic boom in the West, the population of Canada is preponderantly moving west, and so are Nigerian-Canadians, as well as Nigerians migrating newly and daily into Canada. In your bid to serve Nigerians in the Diaspora better, would it be in the realms of possibility for you to make a representation to the President and the Minister of Foreign Affairs to set up a Consulate in either Edmonton, or Calgary, Alberta?

Mr. High Commissioner Designate, you sound like a breath of fresh air; and I wish you the very best in your Mission to Canada.

Dr. Chukwuemeka Chukwuma-Eze Obiajunwa

(The text of his letter to Nigerians in Canada)

“Ojo Maduekwe, CFR”

While I sincerely respect the concerns of Professor Abba and hereby use this opportunity to congratulate and wish all our Muslim brothers and sisters Happy Ramadan I couldn’t agree more with Professor Ed Onyebuchi on the encouraging intervention on the issue of my Deputy High Commissioner who has gone ahead of me to prepare for my arrival next week.Let me assure Prof Abba and the wonderful fascinating Nigerian community in Canada that building on the excellent foundations which our worthy predecessors have established my team in Ottawa are determined to serve and serve our people.That is President Jonathan’s mandate to us.Speaking personally it would be much better if I ended my long public career as Foreign Minister of my country than to accept any further role especially a foreign posting if I did not see an extraordinary opportunity to make a big difference in a measurable way especially in respect of our current assignment in Canada .Let me also be on public record to say as former boss of Ambassador Onianwa at Headquarters when I was Minister ,by cross posting the new DHC from the much coveted position of Deputy Permanent Representative at Nigerian Mission to UN in Geneva ,the current Foreign Minister made a very profound strategic decision to deploy to Ottawa one of Nigeria’s finest career diplomats .I ought to know ,because I headed that Ministry for 3 eventful years.Let me also add in the spirit of Ramadan that our nation is privileged to have within its borders the witness of two of the world’s greatest historical religions that are distinguished by a common trajectory of faith traceable to Abraham ,the father of all who believe.Even modern science has come up with irrefutable evidence that we become what we believe .And so ,as we understandably deal with the pain of our past failures as a nation especially that of we the elite(both political and non political )it will be more consistent with our faith traditions to see Nigeria with the eyes of faith as more of a glass half full than half empty..My team are in Ottawa to serve you through honest and creative leadership that will amount to a paradigm shift in favour of a New Dominant Nigerian Narrative that routinely affirms and reaffirms our infinite possibilities .What better Diaspora to use as the take off for this new vista than those of the “True North Strong and Free! ” Can’t wait to see you guys in Ottawa next week! In the meantime give my highly talented Deputy and the entire team in Ottawa awaiting my arrival all the support.They deserve it ,just as you deserve their unrelenting and unconditional dedication. Under my watch we will not be a Fortress Mission.We will be a Mission for all Nigerians.The only justification for being there at cost to the Nigerian Taxpayer is to serve you!Take the risk of believing us!